Binoculars having their own hotkey?


The binoculars are handy, but having its own hotkey would free up a hotkey slot.

Binoculars on a key B

I would like to have that too. Also a hotkey for directly through a throughable. But probably we have the limitation of controller buttons. Maybe if it would be possible to set additional keys by holding down an already set button.


I’ve been thinking about that as well and I like that idea. Though I would like to link every “4-7” to a specific item class. For example:

4 (B) Binoculars
5 (H) Personal Health packs
6 (G) Throwables, I.e. Grenades, smokes, flares etc.
7 (T) Deployables, I.e. Boombox, canisters and so on.

And instead of having to enter the menu in mid combat to assign a new health pack one could simply PRESS and HOLD “H” to get a wheel or a list (on the HUD) of every health pack in inventory to quickly assign it without entering the menu. (Same with “G and T”)

You would still have to L mouse click to use said Item.

The same could be applied to weapons 1-3. Hold “2” to get a list of ammo types for that weapon.

I think this would make the game even more user-friendly for those playing on consoles. :slight_smile:

NOTE: This is an addition and would not change or remove the menu itself. You would still be able to assign items from the menu, only to a specific slot instead.


In theory it could look something like this. When an item button is PRESSED and HELD mouselook is temporarily disabled and moving the mouse up and down instead toggles the various items in that category. In this case “G”, throwables.

When G is RELEASED the player will switch throwable to the one marked on the list.

EDIT: Same could of course go for changing ammo-types on weapons. PRESS and HOLD “2” to toggle through a list of ammunition in the same manner as above mentioned.


On PC, a system like this would be unnecessary. We could just be allowed to keybind whatever we wanted from our inventory in slots 1 through =, and instantly 12 slots. The controls option already allows us to assign stuff wherever we want. (Ex: My Binoculars are on B, though I do, rarely, swap them out for something else.)

On consoles, you could still give them 12 slots, agnostic of weapons or items, using the current system, by binding multiple slots on the D-Pad accessed by double or triple tapping. If you’re familiar with Fallout 4’s controller interface, this should sound familiar.


I see where you are going but I think it’s good to have continuity when a game exists on multiple platsforms. Some people also enjoy playing games on PC with a Controller.

I guess it’s a matter of taste but I would enjoy being able to quickly assign a new type of flare or health pack when the one I used is depleted (Without entering the menu). Doing multiple clicks and remembering where a certain item i assigned in the midst of combat can be stressful and clunky. Simply selecting a new one of the same category in a short visible list would be more intuitive in my opinion.

But yes, it limits choice to some extent. Maybe some people like to sit for minutes and assign items on a variety of different hotkeys for the “ultimate setup” but I would prefer to keep it simple.


Have you ever seen the quick select menu in Fallout 4? It’s just a small cross with icons for each stop. It’s actually faster and more fluid than what you’re describing.


Just found a video describing the quick select from Fallout 4. It could absolutely work.

The main difference is that in the system I described you can only have four different (or rather three when not counting the binoclulars) items assigned at a time, BUT have quick access EVERY other item avaiable in your inventory.

If you run out of “ammo” (for lack of a better word) to some of the intems in the system you describe you would still have to enter the menu and add another one to that list, right?

In my suggestion you can easily access any item in your invetory by simply holding a button and then moving the mouse (or R-thumbstick)


That could get seriously out of hand if your inventory gets a little messy.

That said, I do think the E key on the equip menu should bring up a menu of everything you can equip in that slot, rather than unequipping and making that slot disappear.


Reviving this topic. I think it’s a great idea!
I think having to trade one hotbar slot for the binoculars is a hassle, since it’s basically locked forever. The binos are an important feature, especially if you have all the machine blueprints and the hacker skill.


Binoculars on a key B

They should be on a key like B, you always have them round you neck or you pocked ready for use, which would leave a slot open for a other item


You can set it to B, but it still takes a slot.


Binoculars? …oh! I remember those. I thought I needed them, back in the beginning. :wink:


Same feature request topics merged.

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As much as thisd be helpful for pc, Xbox would most definitely struggle with this and gives us a slight disadvantage by having less item slots.