Bipods on the N60 and KVM 59

We can go prone. The machine guns have bi pods. If you put those two facts together we should have usable bi pods. There are 3 reasons

First Reason- It would lower the recoil on the LMGs

Second Reason- A tiny bit of realism that wouldn’t change game play a lot. I see too many realism posts that completely change the core of the game.

Third Reason- It would be incredibly awesome.

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I am not against the idea but you have to get fairly close to be accurate at all with the LMGs. That said you also need to keep moving or risk getting filled with lots of holes. I sprint while reloading to keep the machines from leading me as a target and change directions a lot to keep from getting hit.

I quite like the idea but for a different reason. As a former competitive shooter it would make sense to reduce the sway depending on the stance. No reduction when standing, 25% when crouching (kneeling) and 50% when prone. This is primarily for sniping because, as @JuanEyeJack indicated, once you start exchanging bullets you got to keep ducking and weaving.

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I run too when I reload. It’d just be a fun little detail with uses in certain cases. Like if your in a really well defended area and theirs just a nice area to mount your gun and you can just unload all the extra 7.62 FMJ ammo you have.

I like that idea it would be very useful when sniping because I barely put any points into stopping the sway of semi-auto and bolt action weapons.

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It would be very nice to have bipods for the “sniper” rifles in the game. The PVG already does enough damage that a shot just close to a weak point is enough to do a lot of damage but when stealth sniping it would be nice to get a steady mount for smaller cal rifles.

We Want Bipods on the LMGS.
  • Yes
  • No
  • I dont know/ I dont care

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I voted for I don’t know because I really don’t know if it would be good.

There aren’t many situations where you would have the time to use a bipod. The weapon should be mounted somehow when using a bipod. You should have a limited vertical angle for targeting when using it, too. But at least in this game most of the time you have to move to not being hit. That’s difficult when using a bipod. Know what I mean.

The idea itself is cool, but it guess it would be difficult to make it good, useful,…