Bjorntunet Hotel almost empty

I have been playing GZ since Spring 20 and during that time got to know the hotel pretty well. I knew where every box, backpack and suitcase were positioned both inside the building and out in the grounds. It was a good place to gather supplies such as adrenaline shots, first-aid kits and ammo. It had it’s quirky nature, you frequently had to wait for a few seconds for items to appear in front of you but there were generally two or three items to loot in each room.
This was the case up until today when I went for a supplies gathering session. I found that most of the lootable items outside the building were still present but of those inside the majority of those in the bedrooms had gone never to appear however long I waited. About half the rooms were completely empty and there was a max of one lootable in any room that had something.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Is this deliberate in order to make the game more stable?
If this is permanent then it makes yet more one location not worth visiting.
There aren’t many left.

I just went there, because I did had earlier noticed that there were less interactive suitcase in the rooms, but not that room were empty. Personally I like that things change, because in time of war, loot should become less easy to come by, and with the new crafting features we can easily convert resources into the consumable we need.

Back at Bjöntunet Hotel and Spa: I found that some rooms had no suitcases, but most had at least 1, some had 2, and one had 3. The Iron Church massacre room had 4. None of the rooms were completely empty, they had furniture and stuff.

In the hallways and on the ground floor there were also a number interactable suitcases.
So there is still a bit free loot to find.

Yes there are items to loot there but not as many as before. I can recall when a trip to the hotel easily netted 13 adrenaline shots but that hasn’t happened for a year or two now.
Your visit certainly had more items to loot than mine, I wonder if it’s something to do with which machine it is played on? I’m on Xbox SX.

I’m on PC Steam, and I only counted suitcases, there we also backpacks and toolboxes, but indeed not as many as before.

That probably explains the difference. Devs have probably stripped the hotel almost bare on the consoles as they can’t handle what a high power PC can.

I’ve always had the suitcase problem, :confused:, no matter what update/ patch, sometimes I’m moving so fast threw the rooms that the suitcases won’t spawn until a minute later, but I have ever cloth item anyway, the 2 dead bodies take a moment to spawn, room 301, bathtub & other, the people in basement once didn’t spawn once

Up till now that has been my experience also until a couple of days ago when neither of the bodies turned up no matter how long I waited and most of the suitcases never turned up either.
However the characters in the basement have now reappeared having been completely missing for about a month.
I’m convinced someone has been tinkering with the internals of the hotel in an effort to reduce demand on the processing power of the consoles.

I usually have to wander around through the rooms several times over, if I want to loot everything. Just standing there watching a spot, the stuff won’t spawn for me—I have to do something to reshuffle what is loaded in and what isn’t. How it seems for me, anyway.

I’m on a plain old XB1, been playing for a year and some months more. Not sure when my first visit to Bjorntunet was—been quite a while, maybe a year—but this is how it has pretty much always been, for me.

Before, the game was prone to crashing around Bjorntunet. Getting those missions done was a real pain. Things have changed for the better in that regard, but there may very well be considerably less loot now compared to a year+ ago.

These delayed loot spawns and reshuffles being necessary aren’t limited to just Bjorntunet, in my experience, either. Any area with a ton of loot to be had seems to be prone to these issues. I see screenshots and clips from people pretty often, of car engine bays that display this issue. Hard to tell where all those are taken, the way some people take their shots/clips, but I don’t see it that often myself. Ostervik, Klinte, Hagaboda, Stenmyra, Himarvet, Bjorntunet, probably the major places to see these things happen. Due to how crash-prone those cities were before, I’ve tended to avoid them even lately just out of old habit, so I don’t revisit them often.

On a small scale, I think the forced reshuffles I speak of can be observed most easily, still, at Lovnas safehouse. SOOO many possible different loot spawns there, and the game will shuffle through them ALL, you just step outside, step back inside, check for loot, rinse, repeat. Unless it has been fixed, recently. Has been a short while since I’ve checked in, there. Trying to avoid that place, as reshuffling things there is bordering on an exploit in my opinion.