Blood Hound New DLC

As everyone knows, Avalanche, is the same Devs that brought us “The Hunter”. So wouldn’t it be great to get a DLC for the blood hound in generation zero too. Obviously the dog is no match for most of the bots, but it could still follow you around and maybe peg off some of those pesky ticks. Maybe even “tag” some enemies like the binocular skill and make the bots more visible for more damage.

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I’d like this too but suggest instead of a dog (that I too have in COTW) a DLC could make it possible to reverse engineer foes. It would be fun to have one or several runners working like tick-pods, even ride it instead of the bike!

To make it more interesting and in the line of the game story how about player need to collect override code from a downed (red-light or EMP disabled) enemy. These codekeys can be used to activate your own build of same type of machine. Telling it to do standard actions already in “C”-wheel with expressions.

Having a machine would make use of some loose ends in the game, collecting fuel cells, put simple ammo for the machine to use (loot are low level anyway even from extreme enemies) making serious damage, machine blueprints, and explain why the red light still glows lite T2 a short while on machines even after they explode.

Even if it would only be restoring a machine for use to patrol and stand guard at safehouses it would be useful to lure enemies there and have a dedicated guard taking them down. And why not populate Base Camp with several machines? This would make the game better for solo players too.

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