Board game in Tabletop Simulator

So i am making a Generation Zero board game in tabletop simulator is it ok if i publish it on the workshop or shuld i keep it for my self?


That’s awesome! I think you should definitely publish it and feel free to link it here!

Just to avoid legal matters, it would be best if you contact Systemic Reaction beforehand and ask directly from them what you could do with your board game. Perhaps even get a partnership going. :slightly_smiling_face:

Further reading:

Feel free to reach out to via email, detailing to what extent you would be using content of the game!

Thank you all for your answer, I will definitely contact them.

Maybe i should answer some questions after months of silence for that 1 guy that looked forward for this project.
Well basically i maked playable version played it with my friend and then burned out, because i contacted them indeed they ware weary interested replyed like this back and forward and when i feel it was ready for players to test/give feedback i emailed them if it is ok if publish it on workshop and that man/madam i mailed with sayed ill ask the guys responsible for that matter or something along those lines. Days past, weeks and eaven monts and only silence so i burned out and is still waitig respons to this day.

Your Generation Zero board game in Tabletop Simulator sounds awesome! Publishing it on the workshop could be a great idea. It could allow others to enjoy your creation and provide feedback to help you improve it further.

i’m in the process of making a card game, kinda like Witcher 3 Gwent, but generation zero themed :slightly_smiling_face: may have to change some things