Boat at alnastet missing


I can’t get the ai76 gun pickup because the boat never shows up no matter when I play…


Have you completed the required mission? I heard about this nice gun in a boat and wanted to get it, but no boat for me either. Until I completed a specific mission. And next time I visited the small pier - voila - there it was.


If I skimmed the bug reports right, the mission (chain) in question doesn’t currently kick off, or at least not for everyone, though?


Where do you actually pick this mission up? Haven’t found it at all.


The mission is called “The enemy of my enemy”. It was on of the final missions I did. This link might help you:


Machines sunk it? :frowning:
Look for scuba set. :stuck_out_tongue:


You might be on to something, @Xogroroth … I think I found it:


Told you. :wink:
Not all I say is nonsense. XD


Yea I can not get it or three others. I have even done a full re-install of the game thinking it was on my end (Xbox) few things annoy me more than Achievements that are broken. theHunterCOTW has several that after just under 2 years have not been fixed & it drives me nuts…lol. I hope my faith in this team caring about this sort of stuff is right & that a fix is coming very soon…This group of developers/team seem to really care about this game & making it a long term success.


The achievements are not “broken”, these are meant (though of course the Devs and other people at Avie will never ever admit to this) as said, (not) working as intended.
One player actually stated this: “If I can get my hundred % I can move on to another game”, and this was SO anticipated by Avalance, thanks to The Simpsons (you know how extremely well they predicted the future).
So, in order to keep players bound, as achievements can’t EVER be completed… well…

tinfoil hat off


I seriously doubt that any developer would have something intentionally broken…


That is… tinfoil hat stuff? XD


This may be related to the Enemy of my Enemy mission, which is currently not working correctly.
See this thread, and feel free to report in it if you’re experiencing the same.