Boo bridge missing

Platform: PC

Description: The Bridge crossing the river at Boo Is gone

Credit: New added locations

This is a known issue, it’s in the patch notes.

oh alright sorry about that.
you can delete this if you want to

Nah, don’t worry about it. We can use this topic as a collection thread if more people report it.

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(( PC)) The bridge going into Boo wasn’t missing for me until the lastest patch, and now all the houses are empty !!

You are using a modded game, so don’t complain.

It’s an actual issue, though. The houses south of the Boo Bridge are empty of all furniture, including loot containers. I’ve made a report of it to the devs directly :+1:

Yeah, the bridge is missing and also the interior of those houses. But the garages do have their interior.

Btw, I was able to cross the river without the bridge, a bit to the right of its former position when coming from Boo church and heading southeast to Sorken bunker

Hey. Yes, bridge is missing. But no problem, because the water is so low that it is able to walk over to the other side :slight_smile:

Buddy I’ve been modding for 15 damn years, I’d know if this way the cause or not, and it’s not!!!..I way just saying it wasn’t gone for me until the lastest patch !!!

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Boo is a ghost town with empty houses and no bridge. It’s actually positively creepy, but is it WAI that the bridge is gone too?
(I did try to restart game, and other houses do have furniture)

Steps To Reproduce:
Go to Boo.

Images / Videos:



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Same issue topics merged.

Do use forum search, i know you can do it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry - and I actually also read the release notes, but obviously not well enough! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They obviously moved out and even took the bridge with them :sweat_smile:

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Naah, FNIX took the bridge apart for materials. :grin: