Boot and shoe noise

why is it that all the shoes and boots sound are loud and like having British troops first world war 1 steel studded boots on, even the soft soled boots are as noisy as hell, and I tried most of them, may as well run round with a cow bell round your neck. ok I know that there quiet on the Grass or when crouched down.


I think it’s so you know what kind of surface you are on. But there is a bug going around right now that you lose the footstep noises all together.

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Different noises for different shoes would add realism and if you don’t like a certain one you can change to some with nicer sound. I’m all for it, don’t see any major setbacks so why not.

This is a audio design thing. Without audible walking sounds (realistic or not) the movement doesn’t feel natural and it lacks the immersion. Such things are also used in movies and tv-series; better to have a unrealistic loud walking sound than realistic and barely noticeable.

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But does it effect the ability of the machines to hear you, or is it just for realism.
Thank you Pacma3

I’m mostly sure at this point that the machines don’t react to these sounds or the light you emit - they seem to react primarily to movement speed and proximity, at least most of the time. So as long as you move slowly and stay out of their ‘vision cones’ by keeping behind occluding objects, you’re fine. Good luck if you’ve been spotted before, though - they seem to have xray vision (game engine and lore-wise) once they got ahold of you.