Boot with the 5 star weapon is missing

so i reached alnästet to get the 5 star AI 76 but the boot is missing. so i was thinking maybe a bug and restarted the game. i spawned at the nearest safe house and run back to the location. the boot is still missing and i’m not able to get the weapon there. maybe someone else can check it out if the boot is there for them ?

here it should be on this little pier

Do you have mission “Enemy of my enemy”? If not - then the boAt will not be there.

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The boat where 5* AI-76 spawned is yes gone. It was removed with August’s Update. However, as said above, it does spawn during Enemy Of My Enemy mission, so, you still can pick the 5* AI-76 up if you do that mission.

Most known 5* weapon spawn points are like so, locked within mission.

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Yep finally finished that mission yesterday and got my 5* AI-76.

ty all for the reply. and yes then they have change it because before i was able to get the weapon without the mission.

I want the weapon, but where does one acquire this mission? I did post a thread asking, and apparently the answer was from the “himliken bunker”, but I’ve opened all bunkers and don’t have any such bunker on my map and I can’t ask in my thread as somebody deemed that an appropriate answer and locked it.

The Enemy of my Enemy is one of the last main missions in game and won’t be unlocked before you’ve completed all other main missions that require you to establish radio contact with outside world. Those include: Calling for Help, Over and Out, Line of Fire, Radio Silence, Loud and Clear.

Either that, or if you want to get the 5* AI-76 faster, you can trade it with someone.

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hermelinen, sorry have dyslexia but the quest is there.