Bots disappearing after kill Alpine expansion

Having problems with bots disappearing after killed. Go to loot and they have just de-spawned from the game. Running on PS4 with Alpine expansion both single player and multiplayer. Also when in multiplayer if host has exp PVG equipped with exp Kpist and kpist is being used, host will keep switching to PVG animation over and over and not show kpist. 12/2/2019 UPDATE, APO bots killed fly up in the air and drift off to an unknown location especially the hunters. Others just outright disappear.

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Yeah me and a friend experienced vanishing bots yesterday when we got to the new island. We’d go to loot them and poof…they were gone.

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Same here on PC with vanishing bots. :sob:
And sometimes when i play with my friend who is the host, the killed mob flys far upp in the air and cant be looted on his screen but for me the mob is still on the ground… :thinking:
Is this the famous surprise mechanics. :rofl:


Has been posted before, multiple times. “Alive” ones disappear, too.

Always good to employ the forum search before posting.

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It was searched nothing came up for “expansion bots disappear after killed”. Always good to ask before you assume…

Try “robots disappear” or “enemies disappear” or “enemies vanish”.

It is just easier for the devs to implement meaningful changes to the game if we assist them by concerted action.

Nevertheless, it is helpful that you report that at all. :+1:

Something I have found… playing in a multiplayer game, not my world.

the owner could see the dead bots to loot but I could not see them…

On more then one occasion, I would see dead bots disappear when my companion made a finishing blow on another bot in the area.

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Yep, been getting this bug from the get go even on the mainland on a new playthrough after purchasing alpine unrest.
Cant say this was the cause as its been probably 4-5 months since we last played and didn’t have this issue, but something has obviously changed

The DLC isn’t the cause. It’s happening to those of us without also.


Still happening, I guess this is something that is still being overlooked. I guess it was a better and more important decision to NERF the tank spawn locations like Littorp, than to fix a major issue like this.

Yep, still disappearing or hunters flying away. This is on a complete fresh start after the crafting update