"Brevikens Camping", really?

If this is suppossed to be a reference, it has to be one of the most tasteless ones I’ve ever encountered in a game, and I’m not easily offended.
Maybe I’m overanalyzing things, and in this case, I hope I do.

I suppose you mean a reference to Breivik. But Breviken is just a region in Sweden. First of all it’s spelled different, but more important, it’s not good practise to censor long existing topological names, because some criminal has a name that is the same or almost the same. So I think it not a reference.


You’re overanalyzing things.

Breviken (bredviken) would refer to a wide bay, or broadened bay area. There are regions in Sweden literally called Breviken, among them a hotel resort and a 14km long stretch of oceanside near Stockholm.


Ok, good to know.
I was probably tired and got rubbed the wrong way.
Good that this is just a coincidence
And I’m very sorry for this.

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Wish people overanalyzed the story and not the names of locations


You’d be surprised how common names like Breivik and Brevik are in Norway, and Sweden too. There are dozens or maybe hundreds of places with that name, and thousands of people with it as their last name.