Bridge Glitch at Salthamn

Platform: Playstation 4

I killed the bots at the Salthamn bridge. When I go to cross it, i get a warning called “leaving stream install area” and I get teleported about 10 paces back. I cant cross it no matter what I do. Coordinates are 2077.458, 3127.745

Steps To Reproduce:
Simply just go to the Salthamn bridge and try to cross it.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
I was playing singleplayer

Players in your game:

PS4 Standard

I also just discovered multiplayer does not work. It says “game not fully installed”. I let it install completely, so I dont know what it means.

Is your game up to date?

Yes it is updated to th latest version.

Wait wait I got it working! Its fixed now! I just uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3-4 times. Weird.

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