Bright New Ideas or Tired Old Tropes?!?


Oh man, this game looks AMAZING. I was recently thinking that we really need some innovation and new ideas in the gaming world, and this game isn’t exactly revolutionary or uniquely original, but it’s going back to the reason we play in the first place: FOR FUN!!

Gen Zero actually reminds me a little of that Black Mirror episode (you know the one). With a touch of the Stranger Things trope of taking place in the 80s. And let’s not mention the whole ‘Tales from the Loop’ comparisons. Okay, so it’s not really original at all (in fact, one could argue that it has stolen its entire premise from Simon and/or what’s hot in pop culture right now), but it looks flippin’ sweet and I can’t wait to try it out. It’s too bad that I missed the closed beta (can you please launch an open beta or demo?!), but at least I know that it’s coming out in 8 weeks so I have a little time to save up my clams.

What are your thoughts on the originality of this game? And what do you think of the industry as a whole, in regards to originality and the general direction of modern AAA games?


this idea is actally pretty fresh if you think about it


Everything is basically made up of tropes- even new ideas are mostly tropes approached from a new angle (what if they weren’t the chosen one?). What matters is the execution- the atmosphere created, the mysteries that are asked and answered, the solidness of the combat, the balance of risk v reward, the immersion- these are the things that will make the game stand out and be fun to play (or not).