Broken base building grid squares in the Storskogen Control Point

Platform: PS4

Description: if you place a wall or structure and then take it down, some red squares will remain in place, blocking further structures from being put in said space

Steps To Reproduce: place a 3x1 or any structure bigger than 1x1, then dismantle it. (happens around 7/10 times)

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Specifications: OG PS4

Im not sure if this bug occures in other control points, the original Tyloveden Control Point doesnt seem to have this issue. but it makes building my walls very difficult. i tried reloading the game to see if it would fix it, of which it did to limited success. the red squares saying its preoccupied would go away, but for some spots you still couldnt place an object in the grid space. this bug occures anytime a wall is destroyed regardless if its by enemy fire, or dismantling the wall your self. the only structures i havent had this bug with is with objects that dont span in a solely linear path (ect the bunkers that are 4x4) but all walls short and small that are 1x3 ive experienced this bug with. please fix ASAP

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I can confirm that this also happens at Lilldamm control point.