Broken Firebirds make poor bullet catchers on the ground

I don’t know if that’s intentional or a mistake, the last time I shot down a Firebird and a Harvester, there was another tank nearby that I couldn’t fight straight away because of the ammunition. When this tank shot at me, I was behind the Harvester in safety he protected me from the bullets, when I then ran over to the Firebird and took cover behind it, thinking it would have to protect me from the tank’s projectiles, as the Harvester wasn’t, the projectiles simply went through it as if it wasn’t there.

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The wrecks in the game seem to be able to provide cover/concealment only for a limited amount of time. After a short while, the wrecks are no longer physical and may also no longer be “visible” to the other machines, meaning that they would offer no cover and no concealment.

I’ve been playing for over a year, and I think this temporary cover/concealment thing has been the same for all that time. I learned quickly that I could take cover behind them to reload or heal during a fight, but that I would have to be quick to relocate to either a fresh wreck or something more permanent.

Firebirds might be especially bad about this, I haven’t taken cover behind them very often so I wouldn’t know. They could have a drastically shorter “physical wreck” time once they hit the ground, compared to the other machines.

No, you must be confused by the small soviet machine wreck hitboxes.

While tanks, harvesters and even hunters (Well, literally all FNIX machines) provide cover all over their bodies, like they are interactable with all over their bodies if you try to loot them, soviets machines wrecks have a way smaller hitbox that focuses in general on their balls/central parts.

That’s why you almost have to crouch into wolves and firebirds to loot them (when coming from behind of them). Their “legs” seem to be just decorative, no cover, not interactable with to loot the machines…