Broken game on ps4

Hi first I would like to say I love the game. But after the last update it has become unplayable. I keep getting blue screen crashes and base assault is laggy as hell it feels like the frame rate drops to 10 frames a second. I payed for dlc and was loving the game I put over a 100 hours in to. Now I can’t play and I am not happy to say the least.


It’s known and they are working on a hotfix.
All you can do is to try to reduce the number of fnix bases. If possible, that’s the only thing that helps currently.

I would love to but I can’t get anywhere near a base without the frame rate tanking and crashing my game. I also started what I think is the last mission of the fnix doc. As soon as I get within a km of the mission clearing the path I get blue screened.

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