Broken game - why release this game?


Guys, this is one of the most broken games ever to be released. You really shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew and perhaps try to focus on small scale games. There are so so so so many bugs its unbelievable. Aren’t you distraught about what happened with this game? You are still selling the game and its not even ready to be released yet. I do like parts of the game and the idea of it but you really aren’t ready to be making a game like this. As a small scale operation I’d advise you stick to what you can achieve in the future. Surely, you have to be disappointed.


What is it that would would like to discuss here? Generation Zero is very small-scale compared to similar games in the genre, and is being developed by a small studio. I doubt anyone’s content with the bugs in the game, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it one of the most broken games ever released. The devs have been very forthcoming with the community thus far, which is more than can be said for the majority of AAA-games out there that cost a lot more.

I can count numerous other games that had similar (and worse) issues, that prevailed thanks to their communities and the dedication of the developers. Avalanche chose to set a date and release GZ, and they’ll have to live with that decision. They’ve done a great job thus far on the game, and there are a lot of people here who want to support them and see this game grow.

If you’re disappointed with the game, apply for a refund.


Its not even close to being the most broken game ever released. Yes it has its problems but the team is very supportive and the bugs that are left will be ironed out in the end.

Most broken game ever released? Fallout New Vegas. Utter trainwreck of a release. I experienced more bugs with that game than i would lying naked for a week on the ground in the Amazon rainforest.



Try Fallout 76 as a released dumpster fire, train wreck an any other name you could add to it. This is nowhere near that, bugs sure but not that bad really.


This is nonsense. I have played games far more incomplete than this. I have played for 60 hours now, which is far less than many others have, but the only bugs I’ve encountered is one side mission that can’t trigger completion, a few cases of ammo dissappearing, and a few cases of machines clipping through walls. This is nothing serious. The game has never crashed or anything. I have very few complaints about GZ, taking it for what it is.


I’ve played for 60-70 hours - game has crashed 3 times I think, and same bugs as mentioned above. This is nothing serious, and doesn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the game. :sunglasses:


IMO worst bug game I played was assassins creed unity. But I still played it for how quickly the dropped the game after they gave us the largest patch I’ve seen to date. I personally never went online to nag cause what’s the point of joining thousands yelling, it only makes a team of devs feel like crap during the time to fix it. And well we see the end result they tossed the ip.

Worst most annoy game to have bugs… battlefield 4. The campaign was at times annoying to get the trophies. Not to mentions year of denial of poor servers and I mean years. But I still played it cause I enjoyed it. Nagging at the fact the servers had to be junk finally pulled the rabbit out of the hole and the truth came out later as they got us better servers that’s where I can understand nagging at towards a huge triple A company such as EA/Dice.

I play Fallout76 and have watched them slowly fix the game and they too came out with why it happened by outsourcing the game to a mass of developers it became a mess. And it was mixed to me on the complaining but all justified with merchandising and the game issues. But hey if it wasn’t for us few that went in an kept playing kept exploiting the bugs it would have been a dead game.

If a developer comes out and says hey guys we want to work with you and fix the issue. We understand the issues at hand and want to fix it ASAP and take ideas to make this IP all of ours. That, We are understaffed (compared to big name giants). You bet your wallet I’m giving them my patience since they have good communication and respect to their consumer. On top of that I like what the game has to offer over the issues at hand that’s being worked on. Pro and con the pros are outweighing the cons.

Your not the first to come on here and try to create some kind of stand against. Last month we had 4-5 individuals trying to convince others to demand that they get a refund and try to squash the company’s reputation. I don’t stand for that. If it’s not your cup of tea and you’re tolerance to purchasing a game with set bug limit is past than you just need to go and ask for a refund! There is no reason to come on here and state the obvious about having bugs and shun the devs during the time they are fixing. They are human and like humans they don’t need the negativity of nagging of a grown Individual during this progress on the official forum. So go get a refund or get in the game and find some fun. Find some bugs to report and help the team clean up the game for further additions they plan on giving for a 50/50 paid and free dlc. And if you played the game through you’d know the story is just beginning. Aka more to come.

Like I said sorry but we had this issue before on the forum with a half dozen and I was getting pm’s how crappy the game was and it really bothered me.


I have had a total of five crashes and all of them in the last couple of days which isnt so bad. IMO there are those that will enjoy the game as it is and even more with bug fixes and there are those that will moan no matter what. I am in the first category :grinning:


Firstly if you think this is the worst you have ever seen then you are either the luckiest game buyer ever or you don’t have many other games.

I have not been all that content with issues that should have been caught in testing, but there are dozens of games I have purchased over the years that have been considerably worse (and in the past they didn’t receive updates at all.)

Think I had 2 crashes in the first week the game was out, irksome but survivable.

Sure there are annoyances with the main one (for me) being the ability (of hunters in particular) to walk through walls and kill your character.

I’ve finished the game except for two missions which are broken and apart from a couple of occasions it has been an absolute pleasure to play.

I will say that I am not very fond of the further push to co-op play on the starter island but that’s up to the company and the community feedback.

Iv’e been playing computer games since somewhere around Sept 1981 and I have seen infinitely worse releases release almost every year in that period, back when you had to wait 28 days for a replacement cassette or disk if you were lucky)

  1. The game has problems but you are exaggerating them.
  2. It was priced lower than most games and I’d say you got more than what you paid for with it.
  3. The devs are actively acknowledging, responding to, and patching any issues that arise. (Triple A studios usually screw that up but this small studio is kicking ass in this regard)
    If you have such a problem with the game then just leave.


What do you mean Broken Game Generation zero is out for 3 months so you cant expect the game to be perfect. Game development takes time for the game to be good.
I’m playing Generation zero for 16 days and have completed all the main missions and most of the side missions and yet this game still amazes me and I’m never bored even without friends. still waiting for my friend to buy the game so we can play together and I can already tell it will be awesome


tbh ill admit the game is kinda broken in some aspects but it aint as bad as some titles tbh, quite alot of bugs have been kinda fixed but ofc such a small dev team cant fix like 100+ bugs in a month without creating more, the only thing thats kinda broken imo is thw whole game hating i5 cpus, or atleast it seems that way, i7 3770 and cpus like it work fine but the 3570, 2500k game sits at 99% cpu usage almost always and crashes capping at like 30fps kidna fixes but still. jsut wait and see what they fix next.


The most broken game? Thats funny, I also play Battlefield 5 (if you dont know, thats a AAA title with 10-20 times the budget and manpower behind it) and GZ does not have invisible robots, armore pircing rounds that does no damage against armor or stuff like that. So if I compare BF have much worse bugs and problems.


Try Rage 2 if you want to see a broken game, it crashes repeatedly


Ah, not to hijack the thread but I played Rage 2 all the way through and have started a New Game+. Never had a crash and really enjoyed the game. Only complaint is, the female NPC’s are ugly as sin!


My copy crashes at least twice a day, I thought it was to do with my bluetooth headset but it seems to be a random thing.