Broken quest: Repair radio transmitter

If during repairs there are not enough repair kits, then the electrical panel is marked as repaired, but the quest does not go further. A quest marker remains on the electrical panel. The button on the tower is not activated.

Reproducibility: You must have 3 repair kits out of the 4 required in your inventory. Hold down “use” on the electrical panel.

I haven’t found a way to bypass the broken quest yet.

I guess it’s more a broken function than a broken quest.

Before the procedual missions came into the game, I was able to hold the interaction button (consoles) to refuel my vehicles. If I stopped holding the button, it stopped refueling. Same with repairs.

Since they came into the game, if I simply press the button to refuel, I just can stop the process by going away.

I guess they changed this behaviour for these mission objectives, but accidently changed more than they wanted to.

In addition these missions obviously have an issue of handling with the situation if you don’t have enough repair kits or fuel.

These objectives should just be able to use, If you really have enough of the needed ressource. If not, it should be disabled with a hint to get more of the ressource.

Hey there, i have also recieved this exact same bug and cannot progress the quest because it, if anyone figues out how to fix it please let me know :slight_smile:

It looks like the developers don’t read this forum.

They don’t have to, but they do. They just don’t answer posts in general. That’s why there is a community manager.

The devs will have tasks and orders and a great backlog of issues to look at and things to do for future updates.

And every bug always needs investigation first.


Just to add, that this mission did not work for me either. Same issue as mentioned by the OP. The other times it has been active there have been no issues.

Not stressed about it, thought it was worth a mention.