Broken quest [Sanctuary]

The Mission [Sanctuary] is broken at the stage “Search the church for anythin of interest left behinde”.
The item is not there, I didn’t reflect upon this at first and continued playing and have colected aloot of stuff and rader not start from the begining and i’m wondering if there is a system in place to fix or role back broken mission parts?

I will poast screenshots aswhell.

Many regards: Freya.

P.S. despite this the game is awesome and i realy enjoy it.

NVM, I totaly forgot about that quest from the beta, it is not bugged, i just found it, was just the icon that was tricked me. deves can delete this poast, it is not an issue or bug, I was wrong about it and I am so sorry for waisting peoples time.

Glad you found the solution after all! Have fun playing the game!