Broken to the point of near useless bow

Platform ps4
Single player

So i got the new resistance weapon pack this morning the big one on my grab list was the bow.

If it would just work right it would be great.

  1. A number of times in combat it just does not want to fire right. There are times when not using the sights the bow just flops i notice the same flop when using the sights however the indicater on the right that normally goes up or grows right just won’t grow. Still trying to figure out how exactly that indicator grows. And i can’t replicate it outside of combat. Flops happen when the indicator is at the left most position.

  2. I mesured how much damage each of the arrows do approximately all 3 arrows do the same damage on impact however with the exploding arrows WHEN they explode do significantly more damage. Key word there when alot of the times i am fireing 5 6 7 arrows to get 2 explosions. In some cases i have put enough exploding arrows into them that didn’t explode to kill the target toaster as if i was using normal arrows

  3. Considering the draw weight and other things it fires way too slow or does not hit hard enough compared to the draw weight. With very slow loading i personally am not an archer but i can fire this bow faster then the character. It needs a heavyer hit or a faster fire. It hits like a 20 pound but draws and loads like an 80. (This is assuming its kept at draw as it fires on instant you pull the trigger. Most games you have to hold to draw release to fire so i am including draw time as part of the reload) but seriously i can fire a 20 pound bow faster then this and i am not a trained archer i could probably rebuild that very bow and put 5 arrows down range in possibly half the time. Considering range it might be a 40 pound.

All tests done with a 3c bow with 3c sight.

In concept i love this weapon in practice my 3c ag4 is hands down better the bow is at this time better suited as a toy then a weapon

It’s the strength of the shot.
The indicator just fills when you have enough stamina.

I purchased that upgrade yesterday. Also tried the bow (3 stars). And i guess i will not use it anymore. I used 50 arrows on 5 hunters in a combat. And no one of the hunters get killed. Then i shift to my experimental mpg weapon, and kill them in no time

I use the bow just for the flare arrows other than that there isn’t really a point to it honestly.

Explosive arrows are very very hit or miss.
25 arrows for 1 hunter and 3 for another hunter same model how does that work? Its very “random” if it kills. I have also taken down a hunter with just one. From things i gathered it can take 1-50 arrows to kill a single thing. And thats only counting hits.

The gage really does nothing more then determine how far the arrow goes full draw half draw still hits the same either way.


As for using it as a flare launcher it can be useful it can also be a huge encumbrance. Generally i find the bow too heavy to warrant always carrying it. I would rather pack the recoilless rifle(84mm) or the RLG then the bow most times. Funnaly i find it better to carry an empty 84mm(as in carry just the gun no ammo) when i head out and use salvaged ammo for it then bring the bow with flare arrows.

Now if your working in a group or pair having 1 bow among everyone in the group can be a godsend. X runs around hitting toasters with flares or flares at their feet while y takes them down hard or you can make a wolf/tank/harvester beg for mercy where x keeps a flare up and away while y blows its nuts off. Still to this day i still find the big toasters biggest weak point to be “da nuts”(general underside between legs.) Now i admit there are minor points to making it properly work its actually more about angle of attack. Hit the weakspots that can be reached from between legs does more damage then about 2 meters away not between the legs.


To be honest I don’t use it a whole lot. But on a character you can run up to four weapons with decent ammo for each if you upgraded carrying capacity. My normal loadout is exp hammer, HP5, 50 Cal., and the RPG 7.

No, far more is possible.
I carry:

  • 5c pitchfork
  • 6c klauke
  • 6c ag4
  • 6c 12g
  • 6c kvm59
  • 6c pvg
  • 6c carl-gustav
  • 5c flamethrower
  • full attachments for every weapon

AND a 3c bow, because I didn’t find a 5c one yet and my 4c one doesn’t have a vision module, which my 3c one still has (built before New Dawn, where the ability got removed).

And of course items for health and distraction, ammo for everything, grenades,… And I still have in general about 10kg space for some loot.

But that’s not the topic.


the flare arrows are very good it doesnt require throwing accuarcy so it saves up skill points. but the standard and normal arrows are very weak because its like hollow point ammo because cant pierce armor. flare arrrows saved me alot 3 times from 15 combats ( 9+3= 12 won combats without death. and then 3 won combats with used adrenaline shot few) in every single combat there always was more than 4 hunters any class and 1 tank with any class. sometimes there was harvesters or runners anyclass but not apocolypse.

Fortunately for me i have a decent throw because of needing to take it for other skills.

I havent tried the bow flares. So i will give that a try. Sadly that my safe box is full, so it cant contain more ammo, health packs etc, even i upgrade it to max. I wish we will could upgrade it more in the future