Broken Weekly Resistant Progress

Today is the first day of “resistance week.”

I take assignments and plan the route.
All tasks completed.
According to the execution, when I look through the results, I see something like “we have an issue, look there, I don’t know where.”
Result 4 hours later: 1/3 of the first stage completed. 2 out of 3 tasks were not taken into account.

Perhaps it’s time to do something about this problem?

Is it possible to check for such cases? For example, when “issue” is passed, but the “done” and “synchronized” flags are not equal?

The problem i had Sunday night with the “destroy 20 TV’s” was that it stopped counting at 15. Used a ton of rockets shooting at houses so that I wouldn’t have to go inside each one haha.

Not every house has a working tv inside.
Best way is to run through the hotel on Himfjäl.
At least for me it is. :wink:

I actually ended up going through that hotel to verify that the assignment stopped counting.

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