Bronze Structure Destructor


I am trying to improve my ability to destroy structures. Good when attacking FNIX bases.

I find under RESEARCH that there is a something called Structure Destructor and that i fulfill all requirements for a Bronze Structure Destructor level.
So far , so good.
“Go to a consumable crafting station to unlock this augmentation design”

Problem is that when i go to such a station i only see Consumable crafting and Weapons augmenting.
Under consumable crafting i can only see Ammo and Equipment.

How do i activate this Bronze Structure Destructor level?

Thanks / Jan

You press Weapon Augmenting whilst in the Consumable Crafting Station. You must have a 2 - 5c weapon on you as they are only things that can be augmented. 1c and EXP weapons cannot be augmented.

I recommend using this augmentation on a rpg7.
Refering to the weapons stats it does more damage than a granatgevär.
But of course you should chose the weapon with highest tier. (5c max)

With the augmentation installed on it you can one-shot-destruct any structure, except the command center.

Ok, thanks for the answers.

So i selected an extra Experimental Grg m/49. I equipped it so i am holding it in my hands and i go to the Consumable Crafting Station and select the Weapons Augmenting tab but i don’t see any weapons there and i can’t really do anything.
See the attached picture.

Totally lost to what i need to do.

Sorry / Jan

You are trying to augment an experimental weapon, that will not work. You can only use 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* weapons. Try it with a 5* Grg m/49 if you have one.

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Ok. Thanks! :slight_smile:
It worked. I selected a 5-star Kvm59 machine gun and i was able to unlock the augmentation.
So i guess the augmentation only applies to this weapon now right?. I want to be able to destroy walls in FNIX bases faster. Earlier i have been using my experimental weapons for that.

I have been playing this game for a few years now and i feel that there are so many things that are very poorly explained within the game itself. I still don’t fully understand the apparel-part. It’s too complex.

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Did you just unlock the augmentation or did you also apply it to the kvm? These are two steps in this screen.

In a few words:

  • Make sure you carry some weapons in your backpack, but only 2c upto 5c weapons.
  • Go to a consumable station and interact with it.
  • Choose Weapon Augmenting
  • Click on a weapon that you want augmented
  • Choose the augment from the Primary or Support column.
  • Check if you have the needed research completed (if not, complete it).
  • Then click Unlock Augment Design
  • If you have enough resources (for instance Aluminium, Titanium and Weapon parts) you can Click on Augment weapon.
  • Weapon Parts you get by recycling weapons

If you do the Daily Assignments for the Weekly Reward Tier stuff from the FMtel stations, then I’d highly recommend a Gold/5C Sledgehammer with Structure Destructor and Power Attacker. Works great for those ‘Base Assault, Melee Only’ assignments. Also works great on Relay Beacons and other destroyable structures encountered during other missions or just in the environment in general.

When you go to unlock certain Augmentations, remember that some Augmentations can only be applied to certain weapons. You’ll need a melee weapon to look at melee-only augmentations, and a non-explosive ranged weapon to see all other augmentations.