Bug - Building Blocks Mission post-update

Platform: PC

Description: In prep for today’s update, I started a new playthrough. This morning, before the update, I got as far as Building Blocks. Went to each location, and finally stormed the base, defeated it, claimed it, had my truck spawn in, decided I didn’t have time to build a base, and Exit-Saved at that point.

When I came back a few hours later, the patch was live, so Steam updated the game. I re-entered at my Truck-only-base, and got a popup telling me that Building Blocks was available as a new mission, back at the Vesslan Command Bunker. I had the 2 red beacon shield-generators next to my truck, and I still had rights to build in this area. My quest log did not have Building Blocks marked as completed (per the pop-up, it was new, go to Vesslan).

I went back to Vesslan and started the trail again, listening to Therese and Pontus talk about the need to take out this base. Got to the barn again, and it was still my base, with the shield generators. Picture attached. Shot the shield generators, but there’s no Command Center for me to blow up.

Steps To Reproduce: See above

Images / Videos: Attached

Host or Client: Single player

Players in your game: Just me

Specifications: Omen laptop, i7 10750H, 64GB RAM, Win 11 Pro 2022H2, RTX 2080 Super

Not sure if this will work, but I’m going to leave this to one side, do some stuff in the Farmlands to raise threat, and see if that will let me trigger a defence mission. I’ll let that fail, and see if it gets me anywhere.


Good and detailed bug report. It’s been reported in the Beta tester team as well. :sunglasses:


Hello Guys,
There was the mission where you need to destroy the Robots-Base for the first time. I destroyed it without the main misson. Now when i went on with the main mission it tells me to destroy the base again, but i destroyed it already and there is nothting i can do. my question is. Is there something i can do or should i delete the game now?

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I’m wondering that the base was there before the mission started.
@Zesiir is that a normal behaviour?
Shouldn’t it just appear if you start the mission?

I don’t know that, I never played this mission.

@Madchaser. Yep it was there, even the instructions were in the top left corner.

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This is a bug that has been identified and reported earlier. I was sad to see it wasn’t fixed in update 26. A fix is hopefully in the works.


Since @amaranthus made such an excellent and detailed bug report, we’re making this the main thread for covering the issue.


Since this is the most resent updated thread regarding this topic a search found I thought I’d write here even if my problem is not exactly as the OP’s.

I’m on PS4 and I have never even seen a base in my game. I have done all missions, main and side, up to “Building Blocks” and I’m stuck at “Destroy the command center”. I too could shot the shield generators but then nothing.

I was hoping so bad for a fix in the latest update…the update notes stated that it was fixed, but it wasn’t for me. Today I read the Dev letter for the upcoming update and now it wasn’t even mentioned. :confused:

All I can do in the game is kill machines and loot…and I’m not sure how long that will keep me entertained.

Pretty pleeeeeease with sugar on top…fix this bug so I can progress in the game!

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