[BUG] Explosive Toy Lure is immune to damage


The Explosive Toy Lure seems immune to all forms of damage when placed. A Tank stomped on it repeatedly, and even other lures did not detonate it when they exploded. Feels like there should be a chain reaction when many are placed close to eachother.


Angry Tank cannot stomp cute puppy.

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I don’t think it’s a bug, but is part of the feature.
If the toy lure would explode by taking damage, it could too often explode too early and would fail its sense.

Your case sounds more like you should use mines or radio controlled bombs (rcb) or red gas tanks with toy lure combined.

  1. Place a chain of mines or rcb
  2. Place a toy lure
  3. Toy lure lures machines
  4. Toy lure explodes and
  5. all other explosives explode, too.

I’m just thinking; since it is an explosive, maybe the intended effect wasn’t to make it invulnerable to damage. But, I’m sure the devs will answer it.

For anyone wondering about my weird bug reports, it’s the standard format used when I report things internally. The devs asked us testers to provide feedback and such on the Tactical Equipment DLC, and since it’s already out I’m posting this in the regular section.