Bug fixes most wanted?

Which bug fix will you be checking on first ? I will want to check Torsberga fort as I have never seen it , due to the bright lights , you ?

Maybe that the game does not crash in less than 4 hours and that the save data does not get corrupted?:joy: :rofl: .
Crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: .


I’m hoping for stamina recharge skill to be fixed.

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Hmmm, I never noticed that one.

I would like the game to stop bogging down in to slow motion. Stop crashes after a big fight. Stop mic’s from cutting out from heavy movement or fighting. Better connections to closer pinged players.

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What I’d really like to see is the (re)invention of proper a gas-resistance when using a gasmask and/or having the skillpoint spent into gas-resistance.
It’s totally ridiculous that military hunters gas one out like no good (even through walls) and you can’t do anything against it, expecially when there’s no room to run/hide away…

My 2 ct.


I know PC and console are two very different worlds right now.
For me, on PC, the game maybe crashes once every 5-8 hours, but often 10 hours +. When it crashes, most times it’s because a Tank is initiating a charge. This is something I would love if they managed to fix.

There is of course an in-game fix: Keep one weapon on the Tank, and it won’t charge you. But this is not how it should be. I want to pick off both of the Tank’s weapons and get that big boy running, without having to worry about a crash. :slight_smile:

I would like all combat related bugs to be ironed out, like manual reload bug, weapon swap to slot bug, grenade explode in hand bug and most of all any FPS drop that make you fight in slowmotion to vanish from the GZ world. And gas mask could be more useful as @Kimosabe_X said.
On another note, the one bug I really wan’t not to be fixed is the mechs glitching through walls, love that phenomena :wink:

Current tally is 27 bugs / issues with game.

I plan to review them all post 10th November patch.

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I hear you on that one

Here are the patch notes, so you all can read what was fixed and what wasn’t,
link: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/november-update-patch-notes

At the end of the notes, there are known issues and the very 1st one is amazing. :astonished: Since someone managed to stole the whole bridge. :eyes:


Yep @Aesyle someone badly needed crafting materials :wink:

Currently my most wanted bugfix is the “Tidal Wave” mission.
Even though it’s listed as fixed in the latest patch notes, my mission is still stuck on the second phase of the mission (guard south entrance). :feelsbadman:

i would like the clearing the path bug to be fix the one where the truck disappears if did the mission on multiplayer