Sprinting Distance since June Update

I have maximum Sprint distance and speed upgrades on my character but since the June Update the sprint distance has been exactly halved, I used to be able to sprint for 24 steps (Yes I count them) now it’s reduced to 12

Plus the 2 sec cool down makes it Very Very slow to travel anywhere

Is this halving of sprint a bug or are we having to suffer another unwanted modification

If it’s a modification I’ve effectively had 2 upgrade levels taken from me, very disappointing !!!

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I did some further testing on it and found the source of the issue.

Platform: PC

Description: The more you have the Stamina Recharge skill unlocked - the less distance you are able to sprint in one go.

Also, during my testing, i used three different characters who all have:

  • Run Speed - level 2
  • Stamina Amount - level 2

But different level of Stamina Recharge skill (seen in video below).

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. Take/make a char that has 3 skill points to spend and no Stamina Recharge skill.
  2. Without any Stamina Recharge, full sprint until you ran out of stamina. Mark the distance traveled.
  3. Upgrade Stamina Recharge to level 1, make the same sprint run test and mark the distance traveled.
  4. Max out Stamina Recharge (level 2) and do the same sprint run again. Mark the distance traveled.
  5. Compare the three results side-by-side (if you can’t tell it during the testing already).

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K
MoBo: MSI Z170A Gaming M5
RAM: Kingston Savage (4 x 4GB) DDR4-3000
SSD: Samsung 960 Evo (500GB)
SSD: Crucial MX500 (1TB)
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue (1TB)
GPU: MSI GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X 6G
PSU: Seasonic PRIME 650 (80+ Titanium)
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit Version 2004 (build 19041.508)


I did my own investigation and indeed Stamina Recharge reduces stamina amount.

I tested the sprint distance using a waypoint as a starting point for:

  1. Totally fresh character with no skills:
    Stamina recharge from 0 to 100% - ~2,3s

  2. With Stamina Amount at lvl 2:
    Stamina recharge from 0 to 100% - ~3,2s

  3. With Stamina Amount and Running Speed at lvl 2:
    Stamina recharge from 0 to 100% - ~3,2s

  4. With Stamina Amount and Running Speed at lvl 2 and Stamina Recharge at lvl 1:
    Stamina recharge from 0 to 100% - ~2,7s

  5. With Stamina Amount and Running Speed at lvl 2 and Stamina Recharge at lvl 2:
    Stamina recharge from 0 to 100% - ~2,3s

I would do a test with only the Stamina Recharge skill, but ofcourse I forgot to backup my save files :expressionless:
Maybe someone else could measure it?


Some very solid work and testing here.

Great job taking ownership, and getting it done.

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I wondered what was going on, as I built up a new character! Have the Devs acknowledged?

Past November 2020 patch this is still an issue.

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I saw this before installing the new update.
So I did a little experiment.
I have the following points at:

  • level 2 at stamina amount
  • level 2 at running speed
  • level 1 at stamina recharge

I experimented running before and “Now” after installing the update.
I´m able to run at max speed for 5 or 6 seconds, it´s the same as it was before the update.
What I found differently is that the time to start recovering the stamina is now 2 or 3 seconds longer, when before it was almost instantly after you stopped running at max speed.
If this changed on June or not I don´t know, I´m playing on the PS4.
So now it takes longer to traverse the battlefield.
The stamina recharge skill is indeed not working, because my other characters without this skill take the same amount of time for the stamina bar to recharge.

That delay was added in June '20 update (for PCs) and August '20 update (for Xbox). It is part of the FNIX Rising update.

The Stamina bar has been visually tweaked and now your stamina has a 2-second cooldown before it starts recovering after using stamina (ex. sprinting, melee swings)

Patch notes: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/fnix-rising-patch-notes

Putting this another way: adding 12 metres to running, with the same recharge speed, costs you 6 skill points - is that right? 2 exra metres per point. That’s bloody outrageous!:rage:

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So, am I correct that after all this time, the stamina upgrade skill still does the opposite of what it’s intended to do?

I tried making a melee character for funsies and after I grinded enough XP on the Archipelago and a few Relay Beacons on the Isle of Lag I finally got the stamina increase skills, but to my suprise, it actually REMOVED stamina.

I hope they fix this before more paid DLC/broken updates


Stamina Amount skill still adds more to the stamina amount (duration), as it is supposed to. But it’s the Stamina Recharge skill that somehow, reduces the stamina amount you have. While what that skill is supposed to do, is shorten the time it takes to recharge your stamina amount.
Well, it does shorten the stamina recharge speed but in expense of having less stamina amount. ← That wasn’t an issue pre-June '20 (FNIX Rising) update.

So, if you want the longest sprint, do not unlock Stamina Recharge skill. (That’s what i’ve also done with my 2nd revamp of my 1st char.) Downside is that you can’t get any following skill either, like: Health Amount, Visibility, Movement Noise etc.


Ah yes, I believe THAT was the issue I’ve been having thanks

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