Bug fixes that really need a fixing

I’ve currently been having issues to where relay beacons won’t spawn at all in there locations which means I can’t earn all trophies and I’m a big trophy hunter and I’ve also been having issues to where previously discovered areas won’t show on my map and I can no longer fast travel… Please help fix the issue overall it’s an amazing game and I love it.

How do you know that Relay Beacon should be in the X spot in the first place? Unless you’ve found it there and destroyed it already. Which isn’t a bug since Relay Beacons do not respawn in solo game.

What’s your platform?

Also, you can Fast Travel to any unlocked safehouse, unless you are in Combat or Over-encumbered.

I know they’re supposed to be in specific spots because that’s where it always is… When I play I try to create a new game but it still doesn’t spawn in its specific spot

And when I try to get completion on the locating of the relay beacon I can’t because it never spawns

I play on the ps4 and I stream on twitch so I can show you what I mean if ya want

This is known issue and reported extensively here: Relay Beacons missing

Though, to respawn Relay Beacons, join a MP game. If Host has some of his/hers Relay Beacons intact, about the same number of Relay Beacons spawn in your solo game as well.

Also, if you’re doing the Kill Switch challenge, which requires you to destroy total of 30 Relay Beacons, you can do those in MP as well. There are more than 50 Relay Beacons in the game and by the time you destroy them all, you already have the challenge completed.
Unless you want Relay Beacons for easy XP farming.

I can think of something that needs fixing.

Going into a multiplayer game gives and completes random missions the host has done even if you have not done them. This has caused me no end of problems, not the least of which is having missed story elements and missing the rewards for those missions.

Okay that’s good to know I just was confused is all, thank you