Relay Beacons missing

Hello devs,

So i wanted a fresh start after you lat4est patch, but even if i delete all my character, uninstall the game, and delete manualy all files on my pc related to Generation Zero, the relay beacons are missing.

The ones that i have destroyed previously. I would love the option them being there, as of now, i cannot destroy them again. Showing relay beacons 0/1.

Please look into this also.


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Disable synchronization of game state saving with the cloud on Steam.
Start the game.
Play a moment.
Exit the game to the desktop and restart the game.
Maybe it will help.

I’m playing on Xbox One and had the same thought after the June update: I wanted to start a fresh playthrough. I deleted all my characters and created a new one. (I did not uninstall the game first). When I reached Abandoned Fishing Wharf there was no Relay Beacon to be found. That location cannot be completed now. I continued playing and if I remember correctly from the previous characters there was supposed to be another one near Stenudden Lighthouse, and another one in the fields around Södra Saltholmen. None of these were to be found either. I didn’t encounter a single Relay Beacon until I surpassed the first (now deleted) characters progress.

So, it seems that the Relay Beacons destruction are not tied to the character but instead to the game itself. Is there a known workaround? Because destroying those beacons give a hefty amount of XP that is very welcome early in the game.

I’ve noticed that Relay Beacons respawn if you join a friend’s session, then go back to your own. It’s worth a shot, anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve tried and joined a couple of online sessions and gone back to my own map without any luck. The beacons did not respawn. Luckily I had only destroyed 3-4 on my old character - but what about next time I want to play from the beginning of the game? Surely it can’t be the intended behaviour of these Relay Beacons to disappear forever once destroyed - for all new characters going forward. This have to be a bug - not a feature, right?

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After the Sept patch and enemy of my enemy wasn’t fixed I started a new game with a new character and after getting to the South Coast realized that I hadn’t found any relay beacons.

I have now found one relay beacon and been two other places that say there is one but I haven’t been able to find either.

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I have been streaming almost daily & even in the chat people are asking about the relay beacons missing. I have not seen them either.

I’ve not seen any relay beacons since the August Update, and I’ve rerolled my save two times. Something’s clearly amiss here.

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@Zesiir you know how much I love the game & how much I trust the development team. So, this is NO way is intended or should be taken to mean any of that has changed September’s (which is what I think you mean as well) caused some major issues I like the game so much I am going to trust a fix I
this month will come!

@Zesiir wanted to give you an update so that maybe you can pass this on.
Joined 4 or five times MP the Relay Beacons mostly came back. The very 1st one to the left of the bridge as you cross into Salthamn is missing still. After doing this my side missions all disappeared but after two Xbox hard re-sets they are back (except stealing from the poor)

Hope this all helps…

Hi all - the icon says “0/1” relay beacons around the church and i can’t find it for the life of me, and Research is my middle name. Does anyone have coordinates?

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It is really close to the church, you can see it from the belfry. If you are unable to find it, tomorrow I will be more precise. You can snipe beacon defenders from the bell platform.

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If you play in good headphones, you can generally hear it as a crackling sound, and the hearing thing is really accurate. You just turn until the crackle is coming equally from each phone and follow the bearing. Mind you, I use studio quality headphones, but even so, it works very well.


Thanks - i may have a ‘false positive’ on this one. No machines around, I’ve searched everywhere and could not have missed it. I appreciate the help

If you’re question is about St. Maria Church :

the beacon was here NW of the church, in the car park, close to the church (I have already destroyed the mine). Where the pistol points and approximatively the coordinates on my screenshot shows.

Maybe there is another St. Marie Church or you are playing in a French localization ?

I don’t bother to snipe beacon defenders these days - just snipe out the beacon from 250 metres from a good fire position. Every time a machine turns towards me, I simply back down behind cover for five seconds, go back up, and six or seven rounds to the beacon makes it go bang. I take the XP and bimble on my merry way.

If I do take on the defenders, I do so afterwards only if I have a good killing ground close by, (like a barn for instance) and draw them all into the courtyard. Have to be careful of the double doors at the top of a ramp, 'cos it turns out that the Dogs can now get inside.

@Bootie I didn’t know that. Interesting. A beacon exploses like a car after a couple of bullets? I always searched for a gas canister or a grenade. As to the defenders, I usually kill them, because a like field radios giving you a nice teleportation like in medieval fantasy localised games.

If you snipe a couple or runners from a long range even not covered, with a suppressed rifle, usually just one fights back or two. They come closer, not very fast and it is easy to take them with an assault rifle. If your AR is suppressed as well, other runners used to ignore your action.

I wasted a gas bottle on my first beacon. I never read the “tips” (and never have) because I wanted to find out for myself. I didn’t even know they blew up, or that we needed to blow them up, but I kept passing this beacon that said 0/1 and thought “There’s got to be something I’m supposed to do with it!.”

I use a .270 from maximum range, suppressed. When you hit the beacon, the Dogs don’t react the first five or six hits, but then look round. Take your time and wait for them to resume their patrol. When it goes bang they react, but I run away in the opposite direction at once (I hate clouds of Dogs in the open).

It’s not a couple of bullets - it’s about as much as a car. At maximum range it might be ten?