Relay beacons missing!

I’m on Xbox one and recently played gen z on Xbox live free to play and really enjoyed it so I decided to get the full game, when I did I deleted my old character and started a new one, when I reached the Abandoned fishing wharf the game notified me that there was a relay beacon in the area. I remember exactly where it was but for some reason it’s no where to be found. I looked on forums for a answer why it isn’t showing up and found out it’s a rather common bug.

So I realize this topic has been talked about quite a bit but I’m just wondering if the developers are looking for a fix for this because do far all I’ve seen is players recommending others to delete all characters and uninstall the game and sadly most of the replies to this advice is that the solution has been unsuccessful.

I honestly don’t want to delete my new character (since I just restarted) so I’m wondering if anyone has actually had a response from the developers or a solution that work 100% of the time.

Thanks for any help/solutions

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