Relay Beacons missing

Packs of runners in open space can be efficiently dealt with a rocket launcher. One explosive rocket or two. (I have bad experience with smoke and EMP.)

The gas canisters are cheap. You can have plenty of them from the big industrial storages. On the map there are several safehouses quite close to a building with red gas bottles. Just fast travel to and fro.

They take up space in the inventory I can’t spare. I carry two reds and a white. I’ve only got four lines…

I can’t spare the rockets. If there’s a tank in the way of something I need them all - I might have 7 or 8 in the stocks at any one time - too precious to waste on Dogs.

Smoke is good for closing a big machine - that is: approaching into shotgun range for example. I used three smoke grenades and got right up to a tank that was in action against me, advancing to the smoke, and throwing another one ahead. Never laid a glove on me, and I finished him off with a shotgun. EMP I don’t use much. I have no throwables, and they don’t last for more than ten seconds, however big they are, which means that you have to be really close anyway - not good for an ambush, unless you have serious firepower. You have only ten seconds to destroy and some of that is used up reloading. If you fail, then there you are with an empty weapon and a cross machine at close range…

Which building? I’ve got to South Coast.

Oh, I’m just South of there, going clockwise! I’m drawing breath for the Artillery base - because when I start I shall have to fight through to the finish, or it’ll all be for nothing, with all the machines back in place and my ammunition exhausted. So I need five hours clear before I can play. Another disadvantage of the perishing respawn…

I do not understand, when you respawn, ennemies in place you’ve fought are not respawned. You can do some looting and go back, or teleport back with a field radio and finish your fight. They respawn if you log out, only.

You don’t need gas canisters or explosives to blow up Beacons. A single blast from your shotgun to the box just below the dish is usually enough. I should also note that if there are enemies around the Beacon when you blow it up, they get EMP’d and shut down for 10 seconds or so.

Personally I deploy a gas tank and a lure to draw the enemies away from the Beacon, blow them up, then take out the Beacon.

A single .50 BMG round will also destroy it.

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with items being found outside of containers being a one time pick up, do you know if those tanks go away permanently if they explode before you pick them up?
I came across some while being pursued by hunters and they were hit and exploded taking me out with them. I cant remember where they were so i don’t know if they respawned or not .

Ah, you don’t understand. I am playing solo. I now have to reconnoitre, approach, clear and take the Fort and the Artillery base. I want to take my time and not die. I don’t run/shoot/run/shoot/run/shoot. I want to start off with reconnaissance. What am I up against? What is the geography? How do I approach it?

Then I want to start degrading their standing patrols. Take out the Dogs and force the defenders into the centre. Now I can move freely, and they cannot. Then I want to snipe every careless or exposed machine, weakening the defence. Then I want to plan and execute my main operation. But I’d prefer to do that in three one-hour sessions, than in some great marathon, which would mean I can’t play for a week, because I don’t have more than an hour or two at a time in the week. So I can’t take my time, or it’s all to do again every time. With the same machines, who are miraculously returned, but not my ammunition. It’s marathon or nothing. This I hate. I want to play in three dimensions, not just one.

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Very interesting, @Bootie. I was aware there were several ways of enjoing the game, but I did not know this one. Thank you for taking time to describe it to me “from inside” :slightly_smiling_face:

I do not know. I will try next time, now I have some duties IRL.

my way of taking out the beacons was to first make sure i had full health and an empty spot in my inventory. then charge directly at the beacon ignoring the Runners, quickly shoot the beacon with a shot gun, grab the radio and keep going. I would have to make use of my Survivor skill sometimes but it was worth it.
or if i had them, rocket the beacon and quickly try to take out as many of the stunned machines that i can with a hunting rifle.

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This confirms my theory, there are as many ways of playing as the players :grinning:

Well, a shotgun is the same power as the .270 (according to the bar), so one of those at range should do it, but it takes more than that in my experience…

Good info on the EMP effect - I hadn’t noticed.

and even more bugs (slightly joking)
trying not to get too negative but I am tired of starting over

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You mean starting from scratch or from a save file? Saving frequently does not avoid all game breaking bugs? Except for the perks taken?

Last time I backed up my save was a couple days before my missions went away again. After restarting multiple times from the same issue it’s hard to keep track of what I’ve done or where I’ve been.

I see. And it is your second or third walkthrough from the very beginning? Going through all the quests?

fourth attempt
1st time a multiplayer bug took them
2nd time the June update
3rd time they were just gone with no clue what caused it

I started a new save but lost the will to go on for now, it will just happen again so why bother?