Bug: Heartbeat sounds can't be turned off

Since the last patch, the annoying heartbeat sound is back in my game again. Going to Game options and trying both options there (hearbeat sounds on/off) makes no difference.

First time I played after the update, this didn’t occur. Now, on my second session, it’s on, even though I set it to off.

I’m not sure if this is a random glitch, but still a bug.

Hm, noone else experience this, or is it that everyone else keeps the heartbeat sound on? Anyone care to test so that I know if this is only an issue in my game?

I just checked it and it works as intended.

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Just tested it and toggle works fine for me as well.

Can upload the testing video when needed.

Though, do note that when you disable the heartbeat, it only removes the heartbeat. Heavy breathing still remains, when you’re running out of stamina.

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That’s what it is then. It’s been a while since I last played, so I thought that was the heartbeat sound, and that last time I played that I didn’t have that breathing sound. My memory clearly failed me on this one!

So, solved then, no bug but a misunderstanding on my part. Please lock this thread.

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