Bug in The Farm Mission

Platform: - Xbox Series X

Description: - I went to the Farm and destroyed all of the machines there. I found the key to the barn on the table in the kitchen, but I could not pick it up. (No prompt appeared no matter what I did.) I read a suggestion somewhere that I put all my resources in a Storage Locker, create a new character, and start over. I did that but it didn’t work. The same thing happened with the new character.

Steps To Reproduce: - Just go to the Farm, kill all of the machines, go into the farmhouse kitchen and try to pick up the barn key from the table. I have followed these steps AT LEAST 8 or 9 times (multiple times with 2 different characters), and I get the same result every time.

Images / Videos: - none

Host or Client: - I did not host a multiplayer game, nor did I join somebody else’s session. I was playing alone.

Players in your game: - There were no other players in my game - just me.

Specifications: - I was playing on an Xbox Series X console (every time).