Bug in the storage boxes / inventory? Xbox One


XBox One:

Since the installation of the Alpine Unrest DLC, often the only option in the storage box and inventory is “Cancel”, not bring or store. Feels the game will be hard to manage without accessing your inventory.

Often it doesn’t even stand “Cancel” just “Can” och “C”, anyone experiencing the same?

I can’t drop items in the inventory so I’m stuck with the things I’ve got and that’s it.



Few days ago I had this issue with only 2 letters of dialog being displayed, but never had a problem with moving items in and out of Plundra… but I experienced 3-4 crashes when storing.

Try to reinstall GZ, maybe it will help.


Thanks, I’ll give your advice a try :slight_smile:


Re-installed the game but that didn’t help me with the Plundra.


Try chance another’s character​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: