Bug? Or am I just an over-acheiver? lol



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Not sure. This has just started showing up. I’ve gotten all the loot at Uttern Bunker. Used to say I was 100% complete. Now it’s saying I’ve found 45/44. Yet I don’t recall seeing any loot where it isn’t normally in my instance of Uttern.

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Not anything game-breaking by any means, but pretty sure this is a bug and the devs would like to know about it. Something here isn’t being calculated correctly.

I had a similar situation at another location. Due to loot respawning, I had one place say I had 63/31 loot. LOL
I have started to ignore the loot counter, until it becomes more accurate. Sometimes I spend WAY too much time looking for those last two items and I don’t even know if they exist, or is it bugged? I am pretty thorough in my searching, so if I can’t find it, I move on.

[PC, solo player]

I don’t pay too much attention to it either. I just know that I had Uttern 100% complete and earlier I noticed this. Thought I’d bring it up, even though it’s not exactly a high priority bug.

Ps4 does the same. It neat. Don’t think there should be limit. Loot should reset in my opinion

Does seem to be a bug, thanks for the report. This will hopefully be patched in the future however there is a lot of bugs on high priority right now that the developers are working hard to fix. Pff these over-achievers and I’m struggling to defeat ticks

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Yup. I would rather see the more serious issues taken care of than something this insignificant. I would rather see the real bugs that affect gameplay and interface take priority over something insignificant like this.

As I said in a followup post up there, this is pretty minor as far as bugs are concerned. It’s funnier than it is serious. I just brought it up because I noticed it and it didn’t seem anyone else had reported it.

At least you can get into the bunker. I’m still waiting on either a patch that will let me get in or it to be safe to restart the game