Bug report, after the last update on 16G, 12 buggs still in effect

16GB uppdate and i and me and several players still have the same problem with,
1,- Hunter’s tiks bug is still there, even Tanks has that problem and Reaper
2,- Loot problem on boxes
3,- Lynx drone fires flame that are burning on unlimited
4,- Lunx bombs have no effect, burning on the ground only
5,- Harvetsers and tanks are in God Mode, if you get close to them you will take damage and die
6,- You shooting blanks with rockets
7,- Same weapons are slitt bugged, you can’t pick them up. like Soviet Recone base and landing base: boris is still bugged. You can’t see the weapon on the box.
8,- Some bacon cannot be destroyed
9,- Himfall gets only 25 Fps for same players
10,- Geting the Reaper on low score on Himfall, like 5000 in score
11,- Pressing Esc make the game bugged, you need to use control + alt and delete to exit the game
12,- Exiting the game on game, do go back to main game it bugged
116K kills since the game was released, 1407 Hours and several friends’ complaints on the game on this buggs.

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yes PC…

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Don’t create list threads about bug reports. And next time, post in the right section.