Bug report Downed state,

Brief description:
With a small trick of shooting yourself to the sea with any kind of bang, grenades, exploding cards you name it, once you fall in to the water, no matter if you have Little or alot of hp, the game will automatically put you in a downed state where you even cant use adrenaline shots, once you press inventory or menu, you can still play the game but you will have downed in your face,
Also respawning at a safehouse have a tendency of Rolling the Dice of making you either immune to ticks, gas, or fall damage,

May patch
Still works,

(April patch) video 3
So if you throw a flare but you Cook it Before throwing and you go down,
You get some odd interactions

After the patch: Its very delayed,
Can lead to getting stuck on map if done too many times,
Secound video,
Steps To Reproduce:
Any spot where theres water and no walls, anything to make a bang, cannisters of any size, and grenade launcher ammo, Really easy to reproduce,

(April patch) video 3 (done on a new save)
Cook a flare and go down and you will get the same oddity,

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Video 2,

Video 3 (april patch)

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Hardware specifications:
CPU: i7-8700K @ 3.7 GHz
RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz
DISPLAY: 1920x1080