Bug report: Miscellaneous inventory issues

Alright. Last one for now, since the website seems to hate me for creating each bug report separately. Sorry about the “spam”, but these bugs have been pestering me greatly.

Platform: PC, Steam.

Inventory confusing item category / what the item is: I looted a Kotenok sniper rifle. When I tried to drop it, my character dropped bobby pins instead. The weapon showed up correctly in primary weapons tab, but I could not get rid of it before emptying my whole inventory to the Plundra.

Weapon unloading / losing attachments randomly: In my inventory wheel, my PVG suddenly appeared unloaded, showing 0/0 ammo. When I selected the weapon and pressed “N” (change ammo type, default key), I loaded the ammo back into the gun, but all my attachments disappeared. I later found them on my inventory, so it would appear that they were just unequipped from the gun.

Weapon loses augments when stored: Seemingly randomly, when picking up or storing a weapon into the Plundra, either one or all of the augments disappear. The augment does not reappear when exiting and reopening the game.

Ammo is moved without me intending to: Seemingly randomly, when moving an unequipped, unloaded weapon into the companion’s inventory, it moves all the applicable ammo as well. For example, I moved a 7.62 assault rifle and all my ammo moved with it, despite me having never loaded any ammo into the gun.

Steps To Reproduce: Described per each case as well as I can.

Images / Videos: None so far.

Host or Client: Host, playing offline.

Specifications: Windows 11 / AMD Ryzen 7 7700X / NVidia GeForce RTX 4070


Hey, the system flagged your posts because you posted many threads in quick succession, with
links leading to the same website. For a new user that’s suspicious, so we had to act on that since
we could not confirm if the links were safe.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just how the spambot threshold is set up. We recently had a rather severe spam
attack so we’re just being careful. Now that I know the links are safe, you should be able to post them without problems. Video of bugs happening is golden.

For some good news, all of the issues you’ve reported have also been reported by us testers in the closed
beta, so they’re getting some proper attention. Hopefully we can see these bugs being fixed soon.

PC, Steam

I have screenshots of many of the original poster’s reports and then some:

  1. Game generates incorrect item icons, leaves blank, or shows infinite loading wheel:
    Reproduced simply by scrolling through item list. Although the rest of the item’s details are correct, having the incorrect icon has resulted in accidental dropping/recycling of items.

  1. UI shows incorrect ammo, attachments and EVEN items attached to weapons:
    In virtually all cases the item cannot be dropped or transferred individually. I have tested this by dropping the entire personal inventory, which can work, however other random items have vanished in the process, i.e. my treasured weapons!
    In addition to this, when attempting to drop/transfer attached items, the game almost always drops/transfers another random item instead. This sometimes occurs to items even without the weapon attachment icon! For me the usual culprits are the Smoke Grenades and Grenade Launcher Smoke Cartridges. They become stuck and attempts to drop/recycle them affect other random items, usually weapon attachments or ammo.
    Restarting the game reveals the extent of the damage: the best case scenario is that various attachments have become detached, but in many cases ammo, attachments and even weapons have simply vanished! I suspect that the game inadvertently ‘soft-drops’ or ‘soft-recycles’ them instead of the ‘stuck’ item, as they continue to show in the inventory up until the game has been restarted.

^ 9mm AP ammo attached to .32 ACP weapon

^ Car Battery attached to RLG-7

^ Radio attached to Granatgevar m/49

^ Large Flamethrower Tank attached to RACS-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun

^ Explosive Gas Tank attached to weapon (possibly RACS-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun). When attempting to transfer Explosives Gas Tanks to companion (or drop to ground), transferred 12ga Buckshot ammo instead

  1. Crafting resources show up in the Equipment tab
    This one’s been around for a while now. Doesn’t always occur, but happens regularly enough.

  1. When transferring weapons with attached ammo the game now transfers all of the ammo with the weapon
    This occurs even when the ammo is being shared with other weapons - even active ones - and effectively jettisons all the associated ammo.

  2. The new UI only shows and allows tagging of items from the personal inventory and not in transfer windows
    This renders the feature basically useless at present.

  3. When transferring items from in-world storage containers (i.e. backpacks, ammo boxes, etc.) it’s possible to hit the F key and enter the Upgrade Storage window (exclusive to the Plundra and Recycling Station)
    I haven’t attempted to upgrade one of these storages yet (I haven’t wanted to crash the game or corrupt my save at the time), so I don’t know what happens.

  4. Items in the inventory are randomly sorted
    When items in the inventory are sorted, for instance alphabetically, the bulk of the items are sorted as expected (except the AG4 and AG5, which is just a complete jumble), however if you have many different tiers of the same weapon, there is no secondary sorting and so the game jumbles them up randomly. This is a huge pain when attempting to drop, transferred or recycle items and the item list order keeps changing, causing many an accidental recycling of the wrong item!
    A few possible solutions:
    A. Sort item names using longer strings in the cases of similar names (i.e. AG4 and AG5) to prevent jumbling
    B. Have a default secondary filter that sorted weapons and attachments from lowest to highest tier (or vice versa)
    C. Have the items in the list fixed into sequence to stop them randomly jumbling after each drop/transfer/recycle

Steps To Reproduce:
See descriptions above.

See descriptions above.

Host or Client:

Players in your game:

Windows 10, Intel i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1070