Bug Report: Missing Machine Loot

Platform: PS5

Description: When killing a machine there is a good chance that it will have no loot when I search it after destroying the machine or finding one already on the ground. The game gives me the option to search the machine, also the “Take all” options appears as if to suggest more than one Item is lootable. The looting screen appears but the machine will have no items to loot. So far this bug is confirmed in Runners, Hunters and Firebirds. I have not yet found an empty Tank or Harvester.

Steps To Reproduce: Destroy a machine and loot it. This does not happen every time and there is nothing that helps to identify which machines will have no loot to collect.

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Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Standard PS5 Specs.

This will happen to all machines when you get it. A quick fix is to relaunch your game, this is an extremely rare bug and i do believe it has been reported a number of times now.

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Didn’t we have this bug during the last Halloween Event, too? Or was it the one before?
I remember that there was one of them where it was hard to get all the apparel because there was just no loot at all…

As far as I remember, the bug occurs when the game swaps the enemy model for a static ‘corpse’ model before the player reaches it.

It used to happen to seekers and occasionally to runners as well (at least in the April 2020 edition), later on, it also happened with larger enemies. As it presumably happens for performance reasons, it might only happen after a certain threshold of enemies has accumulated.

It was supposedly fixed, but maybe there’s been a regression in the current update.

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