Bug report mission "Building Block

Platform: PS5

Description: Me and my friend completed the mission Building Blocks but when he claimed the spot the remaining turret (that my friend couldn’t see) keep shooting at me and I couldn’t claim anything also he can construct but I can’t. When I reloaded the game I couldn’t see the base and do the fast travel. Also when I enter the map as the host everything is alright but my friend can’t see the base on the map and he have my same problems. Is this a common bug and there is a way to fix it? We don’t want to restart the game because we have done a lot of progress. Thanks you very much for the help!

Steps To Reproduce: n.a.

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Host or Client: client

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: PS5

This issue isn’t because of the building blocks mission. It’s a general known bug about base building and the control points since the latest update.

  1. (Older) Mission progress in general isn’t transfered from one world to another. So If you complete a mission as guest in another players world, it isn’t saved to your world.

  2. Guests currently cannot see the hosts bases or interact with them. If a FNIX base is destroyed, the guest still see them.

There seems to be an issue with synchronizing the bases status between all players.

Let’s hope for a fix in the next update.

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