Bug Report - Tidal Wave - Farmland Region

Bug Report - Tidal Wave - Farmland Region

Platform: Personal Computer (PC)

Description: Tidal Wave at Ring Fort - Farmland Region mission failed 5 times - Single Player game

Steps To Reproduce:
1- Start a new game with a new character.
2- Use a brand new save file
3- Start the mission by talking to little girl in the cave
4- Waves of enemy robots will begin
5- Use top of Ring Fort to protect yourself. I didn’t stand on the dirt ground while fighting.
6 - Destroy all robots
7 - On 4th wave, the game pauses for 20 seconds, then states ‘FAIL’ with no further detail or information.
8 - Do this mission over 4 more times… standing on ground fighting, use different weapons, etc. It results in the same exact message of “FAIL” with no clues what to do differently. I’ve tried everything.

I destroyed all incoming enemy mech bots on the 5th incoming attack, While I was waiting for the game to respond & update me with the next steps of progress, after about 20 seconds later it shows that the mission failed. I don’t understand what the game is requiring of me to do differently now. I did what it asked, but it keeps resulting with ‘FAIL’. Is there a workaround to resolve it so I can proceed with the storyline? Thanks

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: None

Players in your game: Single Player game (myself only)

Intel i9-12900K CPU
RTX 3080 Ti GPU 11GB of GDDR
128 GB Ram Dominator @ 3200 MT/s .
500 GB Samsung Pro Evo Plus for Windows 10
2 TB Samsumg Pro Evo Plus (Steam Games)
2 TB Work files
4 TB back up & storage drive
Liquid Cooling Reservoir w/ 6 fans

If you go outside the “RingFort” area you could get a fail. You have to stay close to the shack in the middle from what I understand about this mission and doing it with other players a few times.

Edit: but there have been a number of bugs reported in this area, I thought they fixed them???