Bug with portable radio from relay stations in Inventory

Error when you take a portable radio from a Relais Station, I took one and suddenly have 90 in my inventory, and I can’t move anymore, now I know why! too heavy, great. Well I put away from the 90-88 and would logically have 2 afterwards, but if I then want to take one again I have 90 again? He adds them instead of subtracting them.

I took out a Relay Beacon but I can’t reproduce what you said, I only got one from it. Can you post a screenshot of it?

Ok here the Screenshot from 89 portable Radiostations i have NEVER picked up

Sorry i can´t postet at the monent where i pick 2 out of the inventory and lay away, and take the 2 another, after that i have 90 anstead 2 in inventory

I crash off the game " The Multiplayer session has endet" I dont know why? I and my wife has nothing played at the moment. i was not on my pc and my wife also not. i came back and the Session is ended, thats a known bug?

The error occurs again and again in the multiplayer game, for no apparent reason, why?

Here the Error Message, was this all 5 min? and at my wife pc are the message "You lost your connection to Steam. Certain functions have been deactivated! " This all 5 Min?

The multiplayer disconnect, even at times when alone and with invite only, used to happen at times even before the last patch. (to solo disconnect now says" lost contact to Steam, certain features as multiplayer will be disabled"
Might be due to overloaded Steam due to Corona lockdowns and a lot more people gaming now, or it might be a bug,
But I think it’s well known, as the solo disconnects have been fixed, or they made a workaround at least.

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