Bugged Achievement

Platform: Xbox One S
Number of Players: 1

For the achievement “Grey Dawn” it says “Complete all intro missions”. 2 days ago I completed all intro missions and this achievement did not register. I let it be and this achievement as well as about 7 other achievements finally registered and gave me a notification that I earned the achievement. But yet when I look through my achievements “grey dawn” is still locked and incomplete. So although i did in fact complete the achievement and it awarded me the 15 G for it and gave me a notification that i completed it, it is still marked as a locked achievement.

Can you show me a screen of your total achievement score and your unlocked achievements? Do they sum up?

Have you been playing Multiplayer when the achievement was supposed to be unlocked?

@SR_Kimchi Thank you for your reply. After rechecking my achievements it seems that my xbox refreshed itself and my Grey Dawn achievement is now unlocked correctly and in the “unlocked achievements” i guess it was just a matter of my console not refreshing the system right away. I appreciate your quick response though. You guys can go ahead and disregard this bug report unless someone else has an issue.

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Well I got over 200 vanity items and the achievement didn’t pop up for Fashionista, which has 0.00% of gamers unlocked this.