Bugged item? Not sure how to report this exactly


Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce:

I don’t know how to reproduce this. I looted a dead soldier, and picked this up. I’ve never seen this before. See pic for what I’m talking about. I highlighted it in red, but I’m sure it’s pretty apparent.

I had the item selected as well, and the description window is what came up for it. Blank.
Images / Videos:**

Host, single player


Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 2700x


i’ve had this happen too , i just threw it out.

win 10
16 gigs


Woah that’s a super weird bug. Can you two @jakel provide the location? It might be one soldier or across multiple. This is a super strange bug. Thanks for your continued support.


For me it was the dead soldier propped up against the car in Secret Cargo that dropped it.

Yeah, it’s not game breaking / affecting in any way. It was just weird.


Both me and my friend got this a while ago. We just threw them away since we couldn’t find a way to use them. Haven’t seen them since. For us it was in random military loot at different places.


a player got this again tonight when i was hosting , believed it was the first scope they picked up in the game. i havent been able to duplicate this bug yet.