Bugs - 2019-04-17


Unrestful dead - Killed Harvester, 6 doggies, 2 seekers. Fast traveled back later - The seekers (drones) corpses had full burners on and were pinging, but still dead on the ground. The doggies were making some noise too.

“Strength In Numbers” ~Dyvik (I think) - In the house there is a Locked Room. Can’t find a way to unlock it and I have the lockpick skill too. If there is a hidden key, I have not found it, but haven’t looked too hard.

Silencer Dmg - When putting Silencer on a weapon, there is no apparent change to the dmg indicator on the weapon.


Same re: Dyvik. After the patch I can complete the mission but the door will not unlock.


Yes. From what I hear it never unlocks.


I’m on my second run through the game and came to this mission yesterday. There was a runner in the locked room of the house I needed to kill by shooting through the windows. Only then was the mission marked complete.

That said, I also haven’t found a way to get into that locked room. I searched everywhere for a key, but to no avail. Seems like no one else has been able to find said key if it’s even a thing at all.

That said, I saw a thread on Steam that said if you toss a radio into the room through a window that you can fast travel into it, but there’s nothing in it to do or loot. I don’t know if that’s true or not as I haven’t tried it myself.


The sounds from beyond the robot grave are an aknowledged issue from the patch and are really annoying when you want to hear the still active ones.

That locked room one has been annoying me from the start


True you are correct @Crunchmeister you can put through window , angle of dangle science mr , gas bottles white and red also help transport items/ humans places :thinking: :rofl:


I’m guessing this his how you glitched yourself to the inaccessible island.


Yes although not glitched maybe 'blown myself up ’ a certain direction :rofl: cheers pal


Technically, if you made it somewhere that was blocked off, it’s glitching, regardless of the mechanic used. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone figured out how to make it there. Congratulations on being the first, at least the first to publicly show you did it. .

That said, I’d be curious to see what’s at your marker on the map in the video. It appears to be an airfield. Care to share what was there?


I was expecting to be blocked but then 1 revive later , Heres some video of me on Unavailable Island << this post explains what i found at marker , cheers mr