Bugs and feature request

Heya. 70h done and while I know the game is in beta stage I would like to share some bugs, oddities and feature requests. I will try to be brief.


  • several achievements wont work, in my case shoot 15 seekers, the three lighthouses and melee 20 cars
  • resource box weight: at one point my storage box show 25.620/350 … should have been 256.20/350
  • after february update robos sometimes spawn inside the space you are in (house balcony, inside a shed). Must be a bug as it is impossible to lure them in through the door
  • plates with pastry often flow in the air. I call it a flying saucer.


  • weapons to be found are absolute garbage, occasions where you actually find a usable one are rare. Less finds, more quality
  • it’s too hard to get a five star gun with five star addons, finding valuable stuff should progress along with the player
  • its too hard to get good clothing, finding valuable stuff should progress along with the player
  • in single player mode the big guys are way too hard to beat… you often spend almost all your ammo and explosives to beat just one bad ass. Enemy HP or damage made my player in SP mode needs adjusting.
  • FNTEL mission rewards are way too hard for the challenges, no reason to even try as its not worth the hassle
  • In dlc Alpine resort the final mission is kinda pointless. The game actually begs you just to respawn in hotel and run back to the action without using any healt kits.
  • hearing and sight of robos is insane. My grandma level insane. They see and hear you MILES away.

feature requests:

  • marking weapons found means you have to pick them up, and immediately drop them due weight. Why not just mark it found if examined?
  • when wearing simple first aid, why not make it auto use when low on health? It spoils a good fight to play with medi kits when you are trying to kill several robos. Could be selectable (M)anual or (A)uto mode. I found this could be helpfull especially in Alpine resort dlc with all those continous poison attacks (gas mask could help, its a bitch to wear all the time due to visual effects)
  • There are some points in game where player has to beat big boss… why not make it more interesting, set up a Humvee with machine gun fully loaded to make it a bit more even and fun? (see Alpine resort dlc The Helmuth mission as an example)
  • collectibles could be placed in cars with alarm or marked with a bling light when near so player can find them easier without searching for the whole compound (and maybe miss it)
  • mines should be able to be thrown instead of just dropping
  • when shooting with sniper rifle from a distance, it would make the game experience better if the robos wouldnt know right away from where the shot came from.
  • better weapons while the game advances: hand held grenade launcher, ground shot 120 grenade launchers, automatic machine gun to be set up on the ground, mines that lure enemies
  • moving over water by boat
  • swim a small distance
  • enemies who can enter the door by its size should do so (barns)

First to your feature requests:

No, I’m against it.

There is no “boss” but the reaper. Where is the challenge if we get even stronger weapons?

Where is the challenge if you’re not in need to search for them?

That’s not CoD. It’s ok as it is. Mines are layed, not thrown.

Agreed, but on the other hand, they are robots. Maybe they can recognize and calculate where the shots came from.

Most of that can be found in existing dlcs.

I just see the problem of missing or unlogical limitations. How would you avoid one being able to go to islands that you’re not allowed to?

How small? Dependend on what? I don’t believe you could even swim 1m if you’re carrying 96kg of gear with you. Even with the half…

They can. Hunters and runners already enter barns through the doors and runners enter houses through the doors.

The oddities:

They all have their use if you progress through the game. Well, I agree, that in the current state there are more machines than a few years ago and it’s hard to beat large groups. But in general, if you’re not sure if you can beat them, you don’t need to engage them.
The good quality weapons are in general found during missions or by beating large machines, especially rivals. There are other ways, too (base assault, base defense, assignment tank tier level).

They are great machines that destroyed the whole army of Östertörn. It must be challenging.

No, I don’t think so. Time consuming, yes. But I agree that they became harder in the last updates, especially the ones in combination with base assaults. But as the assignments almost never really worked as intended, I don’t mind them that much.

I partly agree. But again, they are machines and may be like that. And “miles” is a bit too much. The maximum draw distance for the machines is at about 400m. If you’re running like a horde of elephants through the jungle, of course they may hear and see you. Btw there are skills that reduce these ranges where they can hear and see you. Crafted apparel can even improve these values.

Yes it became harder with all the new items and dlcs and the current state of the loot pool. There were better times.

70h alone mean nothing in this open world.
Did you finish the main story yet?
Just asking because some spent just 30h to get out of archipelago, through farmlands and forest region right towards himfjäll and complained about the difficulty and that they haven’t finished the game after 30h yet… And they haven’t even met soviets on this route.

And one more thing. The game is no beta. It’s been release in 2019 but follows a way of continued evolving including community feedback and feature requests.

The part about being in BETA is hilarious.
Sometimes i guess it looks like its still in Beta or Alpha stage :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I know what you mean.
But this game is special.

There were/are other AAA games of great publishers with lots of greater problems in the beginning. These games often don’t evolve like GZ does… And these studios often have much more capacities to adress the bugs.

And often these games don’t even live as long as GZ currently does, because of the releases of sequels. Know what I mean?

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Heyo, thanks for all the feature requests and feedback. In the future, please keep bug reports separate and in the #bug-reports section, if a report for it does not already exist. It makes it easier for the devs to go through them.


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Am finding the achievements are failing to be recorded, I noticed others are having the same issues.
Other issue is some of the achievements are impossible completing base attack with melee like a base ball bat, trying to dodge the auto guns and you cannot take them out with a melee weapon.

It is possible. Just did it with a lvl 1 base by using my 5c pitchfork. Get around the turrets and destroy their wall segments from the back. Quite easy.

And, it’s not necessary to destroy them, as long as they don’t prevent you from destroying the shield generators and the command center.

I can confirm that the lighthouses achievement does not appear to track for me.

Gold weapons are easy to get if you go to Himfjall and kill stuff. Just farm the Apocalypse Class machines and you’ll get Gold tier pretty quickly.

The missions where you have to find a gun can be pretty repetitive, I just leave the gun where it is bcuz it looks nice and adds to the immersion.

The only guns I pick up from the world are the first Moller, the rusty Klauke on the roof at Yttervik, the hunter’s rifle, and the shotgun in the church. Other than that, I loot my weapons from containers and fallen foes.

Once you get experimental weapons, the game feels like a breeze on Adventure.

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I get attacked consonantly by machines, and everywhere I turn there a century gun, give it an other go when it on again.

Thank you