Bugs and questions


Ok first and foremost is the kvm 59 in the game fully or a timed event? Secondly there are some minor bug issues after killing a robot to some players they disappear the sound of a particular machine will still make its noise as if it were alive there a machines glitching in air floating random objects and when some players spawn in the world they spawn in with no ammo equipped even though it’s on there person can we please get this fixed and can we please keep the new guns and maybe put them in early locations for spawns


The Experimental KVM is can only be dropped during this timed event. To get them, you need to be Lvl 25 to be able to receive Experimental weapon drops from killing rivals. The devs purposefully made them really hard to reach since the beginning of 2020 since people were complaining that it ruined the game if you had overpowered weapons to begin with. I recently got my Experimental PVG, which shreds through Tank and Harvester components in only 1-2 shots. With that kind of power early on, it makes the gameplay dull since no bots pose as a challenge. The sound bug has been acknowledged for some time now. As for the floating objects, you got any screenshots? The only floating objects from bots I’ve noticed are the heads of Hunters floating above their bodies after killing them, and also the jet animations of Seekers being separated from them.


Also, do split up your questions and bug reports in appropriate threads next time. The forum wizards do a lot of work moving and merging threads.


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