Bugs I have to report to devs

Problem: Pressing Y or dpad buttons to change weapon or item often doesn’t work during combat

Platform: All Xbox platforms

Steps To Reproduce: Pressing Y during combat

Images / Videos: Will upload when I get the chance

Host or Client: Both

Players in your game: 1 - 2

Specifications: During combat, pressing Y will switch weapons on the HUD, but will not actually swap the weapon in my hand. It only happens when switching primary weapons, not the side arm. For example, I have a hunting rifle equipped, I press Y during combat to swap to a shotgun, after pressing Y the HUD says I now have the shotgun equipped, yet I am still holding the rifle. I then have to press Y again for the HUD to display the rifle, then press Y another time until it will actually swap weapons. This can be very distracting in the heat of the moment and costly in the time it takes to fix. This also happens sometimes when trying to equip items from the quick

Problem: Picked up ammo doesn’t automatically go to guns inventory

Platform: All Xbox platforms

Steps To Reproduce: Pick up ammo you are currently using in a gun currently equipped

Images / Videos: Will upload ASAP

Host or Client: Both

Players in your game: 1- 2

Specifications: Happens with all weapons and ammo, but to keep it simple I’ll stick to 12g Slug shells for the shotgun.

Running a shotgun with 12g Slugs equipped as ammo. when you equip a type of ammo to a gun it removes it from your inventory, but any further 12g Slugs you pick up build in your inventory again, and not in the guns inventory. The only fix I have found is to remove the ammo from the gun, it will create a seperate stack of the same ammo, you then need to move one of the stacks top of the other to make one stack again, then reload the stack back into the guns inventory. (Its definitely not due to stack being full) Its a very tedious task when you have limited inventory space.

I have had quite a few deaths due to that as I have been unable to switch to a loaded weapon when I misjudged something.

I think I have a recording were it took 11 or 12 presses to get it to swap to the other weapon.

Also sometimes (on the XBox anyway) the keypad press for the 1st weapon slot (where I keep my binoculars) is acknowledged but nothing happens.

Also sometimes you cannot drop a radio (I think I have a recording of that too)