Bugs (new inventory one)

All the following errors were found on a PC version while using a wireless xbox one controller thru steam. I dont host a multiplayer game I have always play alone. My PC specifications are
–Processor-- Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
–16GB of RAM
–Virtual Memory-- 20,751.4MB
Drive Size 237.2GB SSD
Drive Size 931.5GB
–Display Adapters-- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, Intel® HD Graphics 630
As far as step to reproduce I dont know how to do any of them nor would I want to wish them on anyone especially the weapons unequipping and showing up when they are not there.

  1. Mission: Flying Objects- Can’t pick up the key that is out side the house that is under the plant. (House is already unlocked so that may have bugged it).

  2. Strenght in Numbers no matter how many bots I kill it will not complete. I have cleared 23.164, 2459.630 down to 306.202, 3110.408 and everything east (basically Saltholmen Church, Skogsbo, Sandviken, Nasby, Dyviks Udde Ferry Pier, and Dyvik. And because a dev said to check the bunkers; I used rockets on the bunkers that you can’t get into at 780.561, 2614.904 just to make sure and still nothing.

  3. Icons from completed missions still show up and stay on the map like the follow missions: One can Only Hope -71.013, 3079.529 and Law of the Land -276.126, -267.263

  4. Weapons show up in my inventory that are not there so if I dont watch out which weapon I select I could end up pulling an attachment on a weapon that I dont have in my inventory but it still show up. In which case it will be lost forever. So I only have one 12G yet it show 2.

  5. My pistol keeps unequipping (Möller PP) and I have to open my inventory and take it off the slot and put it back then it will be there but if I switch to a different weapon it unequipes its self. The best fix for this so far was to stop using it so I switch to the Klaucke 17 and then had the issue from above only alot worst (think my inventory show I have 3 or 4 of them). Now I am using the .44 Magnus and waiting to see what issues it will bring.

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Yeah i have 2 pistols equipped at the same time but cant see or use the invisible gun. I can only put in or take off ammo or attachments from this ‘‘phantom’’ pp. My klauck was doing the same things as you were describing but it seems it resolved its self and works properly now.

My issues has not resolved itself but I still need to check with the latest update if it’s fixed it. Though it is a cheeky way to save
a thing of ammo and attachments.