Bugs that i have in game

When I die with the DLC rocket launcher the scope comes off I do all my dailies every week and it never gives me the full amount I’ve only gotten the full amount once and that was before the update when I use shock ammo with the experimental ag4 it freezes my game locks up and it crashes those are the only issues I really have besides whenever I use shock ammo I shoot at the enemies when they die they fly off like they’re feathers

Could you please use paragraphs, punctuation marks and add information about the system you play on?

Yeah, pretty sure that problem with the RLG is a known issue—that the unique scope for it becomes invisible if you get downed while using it… Pretty sure the other issues mentioned are known of, as well. EXP AG4 + SHOCK ammo instability, and the EXP AG4 and/or SHOCK ammo playing badly with wrecks—and even live machines… Explosives can do goofy things with live machines, too—send them flying up into the air, straight up, then they fall right back down. Definitely all happens on XB1. Pretty sure it happens most anywhere.

Unless you’re a person of importance no I’m not going to waste my time with punctuation and paragraphs obviously you can read it and you can decipher it in your brain then I don’t have to do all that shit this is the way I talk I’m talking into my mic so I’m talking to you like a person not a fucking machine

Yep and the bugs have not stopped and I just play with it man I gave up a long time ago I go on there I do my dailies and I get off

Fucking machines don’t know how to talk, they just fuck up everyones brain without period and comma. Are you a fucking machine?
That would explain some things. Like the missing of good behavior.

If you report an issue which you want to get rid off and you’re asked to make the report understandable for everyone (or at least the devs) and to add information about your system, then saying “I don’t have to do all that shit this is the way I talk” is the most stupid answer I ever heard.

Why should others take the time that you don’t want to spend? Why should others help you?


If you’re not going to behave, then there’s no reason for this report to be active.