Building Blocks Mission. not clearing

I am playing a + game, on PC Windows 10, the Main mission where Building Blocks is the last portion, Destroy the Command Center. I have destroyed the Command Center. and when i walk up to the pile of rubble, After hitting B it shows Blue glowing and a selection for claiming the Command Center. Which i can’t because i dont have enough Command Tokens. which i understand. However it still shows that “Destroy the Command Center” is NOT completed and still shows up as an uncompleted Main Mission.


There already is a topic about this mission, but I see another interesting fact in your report.

If my memories aren’t wrong you got for the previous base building introduction mission 20 tokens so you were able to build a base immediatly.

I would have thought that this is the same in this new mission.

@Zesiir or @SR_Carni, could you answer thus question?

Just for clarification, the first world, world 1, character 1 level 36, is the scenario above. I do have one base built. I have not been able to find any other bases to clear to get more tokens. i have only 10. In the second world i created using either character, i already have 2 bases built, and just acquired an additional 10 tokens. I now have 20 in world 2, the other character is level 14. I understand i can use either character in either world, is that correct, the only difference is their level and all guns are useable in either world thru use of the storage box, so the problem is in world 1